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Radiatore - Pasta Lensi's Products

Radiatore - Pasta Lensi's Products

“radiators” in Italian

Sauce Pairing: Hearty, chunky sauces; also a great choice in a pasta salad

About Radiatore

Just look at the ridged shape of radiatore pasta, and you can imagine how it received its name, which means “radiators!” While you picture it, think of how sturdy the pasta must be–a quality that makes it perfect with hearty, chunky sauces. Radiatore is also a great choice to toss with vegetables in a pasta salad or as a main dish “Pasta con Verdure” (Pasta with Vegetables). It happens to be one of the most recent pasta shapes invented, and is thought to come from Sardegna in the Gennargentu mountains area. So, it is no wonder that in Italy, it is a choice pasta type in Sardinian sauces, such as “zucchine, ricotta e menta selvatica” (zucchini, ricotta cheese and wild mint) or “ragù di cinghiale con erbe” (wild pig ragout with herbs).

Pasta Cooking Tips

Pasta with Vegetables

Pasta with Vegetables

Pasta con Verdure

Wine Pairing: Vermentino (Sardegna Region)

Recipe Serves: 4-6

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