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Trottole - Pasta Lensi's Products

Trottole - Pasta Lensi's Products

“spins” in Italian

Sauce Pairing: Structured, full-bodied sauce

About Trottole

One of the best shapely pasta varieties for salads and soups is trottole, which means “spins.” From looking at it, you can imagine how it was first made in Campania, near Napoli. The fresh dough was rolled up around an umbrella stick! This pasta needs a structured, full-bodied sauce to express itself the best. “Trottole con salmì di lepre” (trottole with jugged hare sauce) is an authentic application if you are looking for bold flavors and peculiar shapes in your dish. An excellent alternative for vegetarians is “Trottole con crema di vodka e gamberi” (Trottole with vodka cream & shrimp).

Pasta Cooking Tips

Trottole with Vodka Cream & Shrimp

Trottole with Vodka Cream & Shrimp

Trottole con crema di vodka e gamberi

Wine Pairing: Barbera d'Asti (Piemonte Region)

Recipe Serves: 8

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